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    Friction Curve

    The Technology

    The technology is based on a very simple idea: In order to stop or steer a car or an aeroplane, you need to use the friction force between the tire and the surface. The more friction, the better you steer and the faster you stop.

    Norsemeter's technology is seemingly the only technology available which can produce the new International Friction Index (IFI) (which is anticipated to be adopted as an international standard for measuring friction) in one pass, and the only one at all to provide similar values on snowy and icy roads and runways. Norsemeter's patents are also the basis for ASTM's proposed standard "Standard Test Method for Friction Coefficient Measurements", using the variable slip measuring technique.

    The Variable Slip Technique employed in the Roar and Runar units is
  • based on linear braking of the test wheel from free rolling to almost fully locked. This braking process is accomplished in less than one second.
  • This kind of braking allows the recording of the entire curve describing the friction process between the tire and the given road surface, the so-called µ-slip speed curve.
  • The slope of the µ-slip speed curve to the right of the peak is a measure of the texture.

    Several research reports support the foundations for the Variable Slip Technique. Please contact us for a reference list!